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 Character Form

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PostSubject: Character Form   Mon Mar 30, 2015 3:14 pm

This is the form you must use to make a character. DO NOT STRAY FROM THE FORM. Copy the following into a new post under "Unapproved and Unfinished Character Sheets"and wait for a user with a colored name to approve you. Change your form according to the approvers' directions and DON'T COMPLAIN. Please edit the same character form instead of posting a new one. You may not roleplay until you have been notified that your character is approved. After approval, the thread will be locked. Mortal Hunters must be able to see through the Mist.

Demigod Form:
Demigod Hunter:
Mortal Hunter:

You must put the Hunter pledge in Other if your character is a Hunter.
Hunter Pledge:
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Character Form
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